Answering God’s Call through Campus Ministry

Through your generous stewardship, Oxford Presbyterian Church seeks to offer opportunities for campus students to engage with their faith and with the greater community.

Food For Thought is a friendly, laid back, and inclusive small group for campus students. The group meets for lunch after church on Sundays for topic discussions with Pastor Marc on faith, identity, and spirituality. Our group is open to all students regardless of religious beliefs (or lack thereof). This winter, the campus ministry program will be offering scholarships to attend the Montreat College Conference, a gathering of thousands of campus students from across the PC(USA) at the Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, NC.

Your stewardship supports meaningful college internship opportunities at OPC from our talented students in the choir, our amazing preschool teacher, Rhonda Krehbiel, and the behind the scenes technical wizardry of Michale Hughes.

OPC is proud to nurture, equip, and support campus students in the Miami Community as they engage with their faith during this formative season of life.

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