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Social Media Guidelines

“Being in covenant community in the virtual community of social media.

The Church of Jesus Christ has always been an epistolatory community. We are a going and telling faith. The earliest church communicated through the written word – the media of that era – bringing the body of Christ together when worshippers could not be together bodily. We lift up many of the early epistles as scripture.

Social media can build up community or undermine community. Like any communication social media can bring people together and enrich the dialogue among those participating. It is also important to be aware that what is written lacks the social nuances of words spoken in person and that thoughts written in haste or even in jest have a life of their own in the internet.”


>> Click here to download the OPC Social Media Guidelines approved in September 2016 (.pdf)

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December 2017 Communication Inventory

A snapshot of our current communication channels, their audience and reach, as well as who supports them.

>> Click here to download the OPC 2017 Communication Inventory (.pdf)

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Event planning guidelines created by Miami University PRVisions students in 2012

This guide was created for Session, Deacons, Committees and Staff and includes information about public relations strategies.  Useful planning tools, media resources, and local media contact information have been collected in one document.

Please note: As you use this guide, please keep in mind that some of the communications channels such as local newspapers and social media have changed since this document was created.  Please refer to the Communications Inventory above for information on these particular tools.

>> Click here to download the 2012 Event Planning Guide (pdf)

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Other online resources

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