Mission and Outreach Invitation

Overheard in the back halls of the church….

Hello, what are you doing?
I’m looking
Looking for what?
What people?
People who want to help.
Help what?
The Mission And Outreach Committee.
Well, that committee has done so much in the last years. Why do you need help now?
Things have changed.  We lost our dear Danny Cross.
I know.  He fought cancer so courageously.
Yes he did.  But we also lost other members who had to draw back some, to devote more to growing demands in other places. You know that Mission and Outreach administers and distributes mission monies from the church budget to a variety of worthy organizations and individuals, We deliberately support organizations local, US-based and worldwide. We deliberately support a variety of causes especially hunger, as OPC is a Hunger Action Congregation and a Matthew 25 Congregation.
Wow!  Can I help?
You bet!  We need YOU. Our co-chairs are Melanie Zeigler and Megan Worcester. Our members are Bill Fisher, Nancy Moeckel, Ginny Layton, We meet the first Thursday at 5:30.  Let Pastor Lawrence know of your interest and ask anyone any questions you have.

Come on, new members of OPC or long time members, jump up and join in!

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