Book Group for Adults

For those of  you who are reading ALWAYS WITH US? WHAT JESUS REALLY SAID ABOUT THE POOR, the discussion group, coordinated by the Eradicating Systemic Poverty Team, will meet this coming Sunday, September 19, following worship service, in the Community Room of the Seminary Church. This interactive discussion will be led by Pastor Lawrence and will focus on chapter one of this book, written by Liz Theoharis. The discussion group will meet in the Community Room on September 26 and October 3 as well. On October 10, we will meet in the Seminary Sanctuary space (2nd floor of the Seminary Church building) and in the Molyneaux Lounge on October 17 and 24.

Each week there will be a different discussion leader. We look forward to a challenging and informative series that explores the complex relationship between Christian doctrine and contemporary life.

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